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European Association of Wine Economists,
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presentation leaflet 2014

LYONS 2014, France,  A BRIEF NOTE

Quantitative Studies and Empirical Applications
Edited by Eric Giraud-Héraud & Marie-Claude Pichery under the "Applied Econometrics Association Series" at Palgrave Macmillan; general editors: Orhan Güvenen and Henri Serbat
Introduction to the book
Table of Contents
About the authors

AGENDA 2015:

May 27-30, 2015

AGENDA 2016:

May 25-28, 2016
Latest number of the revue "Terroires du Vin"

The number 6 of the electronic journal "Wine Territories" has been published. This special issue in Italian and French brings together 14 articles from several disciplines, treating issues about territories of the vine and wine in Italy.

... Les territoires du vin en Italie (link to the French text) ...
... Territori del vino in Italia (link to the Italian text) ...

Seminar "Aujourd’hui, l’histoire des bourgognes" ("Today, the History of Burgundy-Wines")
Beaune, May 9, 2015
Sixth Meeting: "Today, the history of Burgundy-Wines - Brand and Wine, Brands of Wines, Wine Brands," One-Day Symposium organized by the "Centre for the History of Vine and Wine"; in French.

... more info (program, in French) ...
... registration form (in French) ...

International Conference
Heritage and development of Vine and Wine territories
November 5-7, 2015 – Thira (Santorin, Greece)
Abstracts must be submitted by May 10th, 2015
Official languages of the conference: Greek, French, English The international conference will include two days of scientific discussion followed by a technical day excursion in Santorini, illustrating positive interaction between a natural and historic heritage of exceptional richness and unique local viticulture, present since Antiquity.

... more info ...

New International Master Program by Bordeaux Sciences Agro
The Master of Business and Science in Vineyard & Winery Management provides training in response to unmet market demand for wine industry professionals who combine both technical (viticulture and enology) and entrepreneurial (business management) skill sets. The program is designed to further the participants knowledge in business management, viticulture, and oenology. Whether your previous experiences were centered around the commercial, managerial, or viticultural aspects of the industry the program seeks to complement your knowledge base through an individually structured and flexible curriculum.

... more info ...

France loses ground in the global wine market

According to a study presented this Thursday, July 17, by FranceAgriMer, France has lost ground on the world wine market between 2000 and 2013. France remains 3rd in volume with 15% market share in 2013 (against 19% in 2005) behind Italy (21%) and Spain (19%). However it is still a world leader in value with 31% of the market; it has not regained its 35% before the crisis of 2008.

... read the study (in French) on the WER website ...

The International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) has published its award of 2014. Out of thirteen awards given by the jury for works published in the field of vine and wine, our Association has been given an award for the book edited by our friends Eric Giraud-HERAUD and Marie-Claude PICHERY at Palgrave "WINE ECONOMICS: Quantitative Empirical Studies and Applications"

to order:
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... Palgrave ...
... others ...

The festival is over, the best films got their awards. read about the festival (link only in French) here:

... list of prizewinners ...

Come to the awards ceremony in September in Paris; download your free invitation

... free invitation for awards ceremony ...

5th International Congress on Viticulture in Mountain and/or Steeply Sloping Areas
Congress from August 28 - 30, 2014, in Geisenheim, Germany

Deadline: April 14, 2014

for more information or submit an abstract
link to Cervim website

Wine Folly

This site iIs far from the scientific (rational) approach we seek. But with a lightness which is very specific, it broadcasts quality knowledge base for entering the world of wine. Take pleasure in following the chart "How to choose a bottle of wine" about the decision to purchase or improve your description of wine with this special wine vocabulary.

Call for grant of Master II, academic year 2014-2015
Excellence grant for Master II UNESCO Chair "Culture and Traditions of Wine " University of Burgundy

futher information

14th EAAE Congress
The European Association of Agricultural Economists will held its 14th congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from August 26th - 29th, 2014

Call for papers
For the different deadlines please see the leaflet

further info ... Conference website ...

In the volume "The New World" Shizuku takes off for a trip across the Pacific Ocean to Chile ...
... link for downloading via Whispernet ...

Number 4 of the advantures is also available now in a Kindl edition
... link for download ...

Still hot off the press; order our newest book today
"Wine Economics Quantitative Studies and Empirical Applications"
Edited by Eric Giraud-Héraud and Marie-Claude Pichery under the "Applied Econometrics Association Series" at Palgrave Macmillan; general editors: Orhan Güvenen and Henri Serbat

Introduction to the book
Table of Contents
About the authors

to order:
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