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Enometrics XXI
Lyons - FR - juin 4-7, 2014
Chair of the Scientific Committee
Scientific Committee
Local Committee
    • BARRIER Caroline
      Communications Officer ISARA, Lyon, FR
    • BEUCHERIE Olivier
      Consultant en stratégie marketing des produits alimentaires, FR
    • DUNAY Anna
      Hungary HU
    • GODET Michel
      Journaliste Chroniqueur gastronomique, œnologique et tourisme, Lyon, FR
    • LATTI Karima
      ISARA Lyon, FR
    • zzz .... 
      to be confirmed
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    European Association of Wine Economists, Economists at the service of Wine & Vine

    This XXI Conference is organized under the patronage of the OIV
    (International Organisation of Vine and Wine)

    Our association brings together specialists from various disciplines who study the issues of vine and wine. We are all united by the love for vine and wine, and interested in all topics related to viti- and viniculture.

    We also share the conviction that our research and results can be a constructive contribution of interest for professionals in vine and wine, both in production and product development as in consumption or marketing. This contribution also applies to the analysis and understanding of markets, perception and quality assessment.

    Any proposal of contribution regardless of the discipline is admissible and will be reviewed by the members of the scientific committee. However papers must propose an approach validated by an objective analysis of data, which can be quantitative but also qualitative or value-based.

    A proposal of a contribution may be made in the original language of the researcher; but presentation in English at the conference is required, with at least a summary and also the "Powerpoint"-presentation in English. The full text can be provided in the original language.

    Any proposal of a paper can also be submitted for publication in our scientific magazine Enometrica.
    The submission is then subject to an anonymous procedure referred on the basis of the full paper.
    The review Enometrica appears currently twice a year (in English).

    This XXI Conference would not have been possible without the scientific and operational support of


    This XXI Conference also benefits from the support of

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