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Enometrics XXIV
BOLOGNA - IT : juin 7- 10, 2017


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07/06/2017 - 09/06/2017
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  • The oral presentation must be understood by an exclusive English speaker, so it is requested
    • a substantial summary in English and a projection of documents (.ppt) in English
    • an additional summary in the original language is acceptable
    • for publication purpose the completed text must be submitted in English language

  • For a better evaluation, we need a substantial abstract, with a length of 2 pages (see reference format for first page)
    • it can be developed on a maximum of 3 pages
    • preferably, the texts (on A4) are cast Calibri, body 11, single spaced, margins 2 cm ...
    • and please, send your proposal in Word format



General Topics 2017

Adapting Strategies to New Market Scenarios and changing Wine Consumption Patterns

A Round Table will be organized with Represents of Institutions, Associations and Enterprises for an European Wine Sector Perspectives.

This conference serves as hub for researchers and practitioners alike to share knowledge, discuss contemporary developments of the wine sector and open an opportunity to take action in paving the way that will drive change for a successful future of the industry.

All scientific researches on our traditional topics are also welcome:

Economic Marketing & Management

  • Economic, Quantitative or Econometric Analysis of Wine Market and Wine Sector
  • Employment (direct or generated)
  • Consumer Preferences and Purchasing Behavior
  • Marketing for Wine Product
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Specificity of Communication

Economic Analysis for Wine Industries

  • Enogastronomical Tourism and New Activities
  • Production Quality: Evaluation
  • International Trade
  • Factors Determining Selling Price
  • E-commerce, Social Media and on-line Platforms
  • Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Quality & Gastronomy

  • Quality and Taste of Foodstuffs
  • Test and Classifications
  • Association of Food and Wine
  • Other Gastronometric Studies

Wine Development

  • Quantitative History of Wine
  • Geography of Territories and Terroirs
  • Impact of Global Warming
  • Modeling International Trade

Wine and Society

  • Consumption & Market Share - Modeling Competition
  • Alcoholism and Risks, Risks and Insurances
  • Medical and Therapeutic Use - Public Health Policies
  • Law and wine: Impact of Regulatory and Legal Tax Measurements

Any proposal of communication, whatever discipline, can be submitted to the scientific committee. Empirical approaches to the issues presented at the conference are always preferred.

Call for Papers to download

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