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Enometrics XV
Collioure  May 29 - 31, 2008

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Programme Enometrics XV VDQS EuAWE Collioure 2008



General Overview
Thursday May 29th 2008

13h00 - 13h45

: Registration & Welcome Drink in Collioure
13h45 - 14h00
: Welcome Speech : Michel MOLY, Mayor of Collioure
14h00 - 16h00 : Openning Session I  : Prices and Wine of the World
16h30 - 18h30 : Openning Session II : Appellations & New Products
19h00 - 20h30 : Reception

 Friday May 30th2008

 08h00 - 08h30 : Registration & Coffee

 08h30 - 10h15 : Wine Economics & Management

 10h45 - 12h30 : Special Topic & Keynote Speech

14h30 - 16h00 : Consumer Behaviour

 16h30 - 17h45 : Value of Terroir & Appellation

 18h00 - 19h15 : Wine & Health

 Saturday May 31th 2008

 08h30 - 10h30 : Wine History & Law

 11h00 - 12h30 : Sensory Characters and Taste

 14h00 - 16h00 : Terroir Management & Oenotourism

 16h30 - 17h15 : VDQS Awards & Ending Drink

 17h15 : End of the conference

Posters Session

During all Breaks

Thursday May 29th 2008 :

13h00 - 13h45 : Registration & Welcome Drink in Collioure

13h45 - 14h00 : Welcome speech, by Michel MOLY, Mayor of Collioure

14h00 - 16h00 : Openning Session I : Prices and Wine of the World
Chaired by : Maurizio Ciaschini, EuAWE President
Co Chaired and Introduced by : Patrick Aigrain (Viniflhor et OIV)

Population Ecology of the Wine's Buyers within Hospices de Beaune Auctions
Aziza LAGUECIR, Florine LIVAT, - BEM Chair Wine Management U. de Reims Champagne Ardenne

A Market-Based Pricing Model for Wines: Test over the Period 1988-2007
Download the French Version

16h30 - 18h30 : Openning Session II : Appellations & New Products
Chaired by : Maurizio Ciaschini, VDQS President
Co Chaired and Introduced by :
Marc Parcé (Domaine de la Rectorie Banyuls)

Vines Portfolio Under Uncertainty and Irreversibility: Grapes Variety in a Real Options Approach
Luca Di CORATO, Matteo Maria GALIZZI - U. of Padua , U. of Brescia and CHE

Willingness to Pay for Appellation of Origin: Results of an Experiment in France and Germany

Measuring Consumers Acceptability of a New Product Through Daily Exposure: The Case of a Low Alcohol Content Wine
Download the French Version
Josselin MASSON, Phillipe AURIER, Francois d'HAUTEVILLE - Montpellier Supagro & U. Montpellier 2

19h00 - 20h30 : Reception CIVR and Visit of the cellar "Le Dominicain"

Friday May 30th2008

08h00 - 08h30 : Registration & Coffee

08h30 - 10h15 : Wine Economics & Management
Chaired by : Sylvia Gatti

Estimating the Supply of California Wine Grapes Using Regional Systems of Equations
Richard VOLPE, Richard GREEN, Dale HEIEN - University of California, Davis

The Relationship of Pre-Sale Estimates to Winning Bids In Wine Auctions
Denton MARKS - University of Wisconsin

A Financial Approan to Export Performance and its Determinants in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs): The Case of the French Wine Industry
Carole MAUREL - Université de Montpellier 1, Sup de Co Montpellier

Comparison of Risk Perceptions by Wine Producers: An Empirical Study in Chile
Download the French Version
Germàn LOBOS, Jean Laurent VIVIANI - Universidad de Talca (FACE), U. Montpellier 1

Les vignobles et les vins Malgaches. La filière vin dans l'économie Malgache (Available only in French)

The Place of Wine Chain in Romanian Economy
Dan BOBOC, Victor MANOLE, Nicolae ISTUDOR- Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest

Analysing Competitiveness in Wine Industry, The South African Case
Johan van ROOYEN, Dirk ESTERHUIZEN - CEO,University of Pretoria

10h45 - 12h30 : Special Topic, Global Warming
Chaired by : Marie-Claude Pichery

Global Warming and its Consequences on the Beaune Vineyards - Burgundy
Malika MADELIN, Jean-Pierre CHABIN, Cyril BONNEFOY - Université de Bourgogne

Impact du changement climatique sur le raisin et les vinifications en région méditerranéenne (Available only in French)

Shifts in High Quality Wine Producing Regions in the Western United States Associated with Late 21st Century Climate Change
Michael A. WHITE, Gregory V. JONES, Noah S. DIFFENBAUGH - Utah State U. , Southern Oregon U. , Purdue U.

Keynote speech

Climate Change and Viticulture
Bernard SEGUIN - INRA Avignon


14h30 - 16h00 : Consumer Behaviour
Chaired by : Jan Bentzen

Accounting for a Social Taste : Application to the Wine's Demand
Download the French Version
Daniel STEICHEN, Christophe TERRIEN - Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne

Les critères d'évaluation du vin par les consommateurs : reflets d'après les forums d'opinion sur Internet (Available only in French)
Claire GAUZENTE, R. DUMOULIN - U. Angers

Communication sur le vin et degré d'implication du consommateur (Available only in French)
Frédéric COURET - ENITA Bordeaux

Segments an Preferences of Consumers to Wine Reds of Maule Region, Chile, by Multivariate Analysis
Marcos MORA G.,Olga REYES P., Nicolàs MAGNER P.J., Angelina ESPINOZA O. - University of Chile

Quality Wine in the Modern Distribution
Maria Bonaria LAI, T. DEL GIUDICE, E. POMARICI - Università degli Studi di Cagliari

Analysis of Some Aspects of Wine Consumers’ Behaviors in Sicily
Stefania CHIRONI, Leonardo CROCIATA, Cesare SCAFFIDI-SAGGIO- Università di Palermo

Twisting Tradition : Consumers’ Behavior Toward Alternative Closures
Nelson BARBER - Texas Tech University

16h30 - 17h45 : Value of Terroir & Appellation
Chaired by : Jean-Louis Salies - CIVR

The Value of Designations of Origin in Emilia-Romagna
Silvia GATTI - Università di Bologna

An Estimation of Reputations' Interactions in the Case of Washington State Wines
Florine LIVAT, Amy L. MUMMA - BEM & Central Washington University

Management Control and Intangibles in the Italian Wine Industry. The Villa Banfi Case Study
Download the French Version
Cristina GALGANI - Università degli Studi di Firenze

Portuguese Quality Wine and the Region of Origin Effect: Consumer's and Retailer's Perceptions
J. CADIMA-RIBEIRO, Jose FREITAS SANTOS - Universidade do Minho & Instituto Politécnico do Porto

Importance of Landscape for Wine Quality Perception: a Pilot Study
Rosa ARBORETTI, Alberto BRIGNOLI, Livio CORAIN, Masotto NICOLA, Luigi SALMASO, Tiziano TEMPESTA, Diego TOMASI - Department of Management and Engineering, University of Padova, Italy

18h00 - 19h15 : Wine & Health
Chaired by : Robert Plasman

How Young Consumers Perceive Wine: a French-American Comparison
Download the French Version
Krista DUNIACH, Michel DARMON - Université d'Angers

Alcohol and Digestive Cancers
Hassan BOUHDID - Université Libre de BruxellesRHMS Baudour

Wine Consumption and Health: Heaven or Hell
Danièle MEULDERS - Département d'économie appliquéeUniversité Libre de Bruxelles (DULBEA)

Breast Cancer and Alcohol.
Birgit CARLY, S. ROSENBERG, F. LIEBENS- Université Libre de Bruxelles

Does Alcohol Policy Affect Alcohol Related Diseases? A Comparative Analysis for 15 European Countries
Jan BENTZEN, Valdemar SMITH - University of Aarhus

Health Information: Does it Make a Difference to Wine Choice?
Brenda DYACK, Ellen GODDARD - Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics & U. of Alberta

19h45 : Official Diner

Saturday May 31th 2008

08h30 - 10h30 : Wine History & Law
Chaired by : John Wintrop Heager

The Impact of the EC Legal Framework on the Wine Market: The French Example
Download the French Version
Caroline LE GOFFIC - Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas

An Analysis of State Direct Wine Shipment Laws
Nelson BARBER, Tim DODD - Texas Tech University

Impact of Change on Organizational Legitimacy : Application to the Bulgarian Wine Sector
Sylvaine CASTELLANO, Olga IVANOVA - EDHEC Business School

Influence of Common Organisation of Wine-Market on Management of Wine Production in the Czech Republic
Pavel TOMSIK - Université d‘Agriculture et de Sylviculture Mendel de Brno

The Struggle Against Bootleg in Burgundy Between the Interwar Years: a Winegrower Strategy for the Label of Quality
Download the French Version
- Université de Bourgogne

The Wine Cooperatives of Gironde : What Future Prospects?
Download the French Version

Explaining Vineyard Specialization in the Province of Barcelona (Spain) in the Mid-19th Century
Enric TELLO, Marc BADIA-MIRO, Xavier CUSSO, Ramon GARRABOU, Francesco VALLS - University of Barcelona

Korean Wine History
Kim BOK-RAE - Andong National University

11h00 - 12h30 : Sensory Characters and Taste

Chaired by : Pierre Combris

Using Questionaire to Study the New Culture of Wine in Vietnam ; Comparison Versus France
Vinh Bao DO, Bruno PATRIS, Dominique VALENTIN - Université de Bourgogne.

Traditional vs. International Wine Varieties: Do Objective and Sensory Characteristics Matter?
Pavese PIERMASSIMO, Roberto ZANOLA - University of Eastern Piedmont,

Experts, Conformity and Peer Pressure in Food and Wine Tasting: an Experimental Analysis
Paolo BUOANNO, Matteo Maria GALIZZI, Paolo VANIN - University of Brescia and CHE, York

An Identification Problem: Economists at a Wine-Tasting Experiment
David REILEY, Matteo Maria GALIZZI - University of Brescia and CHE, York

For a Few Glasses More: An Inquiry into the Determinants of Quality Awards to Italian Wines.
Giovanni CAGGIANO, Matteo Maria GALIZZI, Leone LEONIDA - U. of Padua, U. of Brescia and CHE, Queen Mary U.

Supply and Demand in the Champagne Region

13h30 - 14h45 : Terroir Management
& Oenotourism
Chaired by : Jean Laurent Vivianni

L’élaboration de la qualité environnementale dans le vin : Vers la nécessaire convergence des pratiques et de leur reconnaissance. (Available only in French)
Véronique SAINT-GES, Marie-Claude BELIS-BERGOUIGNAN, - INRA & Université Montesquieu Bordeaux 4

The Premium for Organic Wines
Alessandro CORSI, Steinar STROM - Dept. of Economics, University of Torino

An Integrated Approach to Viticulture Zoning Using Hydrological Modelling and GIS Procedures

The Economy of Tourism in Vale Dos Vinhedos, Bento Gonçalvez, Rs, Brazil - 1990-2005
Cláudia BRAZIL MARQUES, Carlos Honorato SCHUCH SANTOS- Cent. Ens. Sup. Cenecista de Farroupilha, U. Caxias

Study by Factor Analysis of Motivations for Tourists to Travel Along Sicilian Wine Routes and Visiting Cellar Doors
Stefania CHIRONI, Marzia INGRASSIA - Università di Palermo

The Impact of Tourism on the Willingness to Pay Champagne
David MENIVAL - Chaire en management du Champagne-Reims Management School

Wine, Tourism, and a New Geography for the Côte-D’Or
Philip WHALEN - Coastal Carolina University

 16h30 - 17h15 : VDQS Awards & Ending Drink

 17h15 : End of the conference

 17h30 : Guided Tour in Collioure

During all breaks

Sector of Alcoholic Beverages: Implications of Vietnam Membership to WTO
Marie-Claude PICHERY, Françoise BOURDON - Université de Bourgogne

Impact of Climate Change Across the Burgundy Wine-Growing Region
Download the French Version
Christine MONAMY, Eve GUEYDON - BIV Bourgogne

Quality Attributes of Wine Products: an Explorative Study of Consumers’ Buying Motivation through a Means-End Chains Approach
Alessio CAVICCHI, Annamaria MAZZESCHI, Silvia GUERRI, U. of Macerata, U. of Florence, U. ofLondon

The contributions of this session are those whitch will not be presented in Collioure. At least, the abstract of the communication is on-line


The Carotenoid Profile in Ripening Berries of Vitis Vinifera L. cv. Merlot: the Interactive Effect of Grapevine Vigour and Water Status
Keren BINDON, Z. KAMFFER, A. OBERHOLSTER, A. STREVER - Stellenbosch University

Nicolas n'aime pas le sumo mais Jacques en raffole. De l'économie de la qualité à l'économie du goût (Available only in French)
Chistian BARRERE -

Unravelling the Contribution of Soil Type, Soil Water Status and Plant Water Status in the Evaluation of Wine Composition and Sensory Attributes
Keren BINDON, P. MYBURGH, V. LATEGAN, M. BRUWER, C. Du PLESSIS - Stellenbosch University

Profiling and Segmenting Visitors to Hungarian Wine Festivals
Adam NOVOTNY, Richard HAUSER, Orsolya KARACS - Institute of Economic Science, Eszterhazy Karoly College

The Sicilian Vitiviniculture in Connection with the International Context: Evolution and Perspectives
Download the French Version
Simona BACARELLA, Giuseppe CORONA - Università degli Studi di Palermo

Terroir Rising in the New World? Varietal Distinctiveness of Australia's Wine Regions
Kym ANDERSON - University of Adelaide



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